diabetes treatment Singhal Diabetic Clinic is working on diabetes Type - 2 since 1989, after decades of clinical experience and exclusive research in Diabetes management, have developed an ‘ Online solution as Grass-Diabetes.com’ for prevention or as a pushback for diabetes which as a disease is claimed to have been originated from the holy place Haridwar (India).

Launched Internationally on World Diabetic Day 14 Nov 2012 GRASS - DIABETES used three components as the main feature of the registered logo which are - Seagull bird, leaf and globe.

Seagull is a rare and very intelligent sea bird, has a strong body, elongated legs and webbed feet. Beak is slightly hooked and usually yellow in color and it is the only bird which can drink both fresh and sea water. It makes a characteristic “V” formation while flying with its natives. Seagull has very different and special properties upon which their social structure depends and these are - Good Communication, Extraordinary Co-operation, Environmental Adaptability, Perseverance and the ability to diversify. And its these properties upon which lies the basic ideology and motivation to prevent and combat diabetes.

Leaf held by the bird in its beak represents the use of herbs in the treatment of Diabetes and also to improve the quality of life.

Globe represents a globalized communication portal to spread Internationally the ray of hope to “Prevent Generations from Diabetes”.

The logo of Grass-Diabetes has been designed for the exclusive use of the company and its associate. The use of the logo adhere to strict terms and conditions.
For further information regarding the use of logo, please contact - info@ grass-diabetes.com